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Providing Everything You Need To Secure your Intellectual Property Rights


The US operates on a "first to file" system, meaning timing is crucial for patent filings. As a former Patent Examiner for the USPTO with over 15 years of experience in IP law, I am well-versed in prosecuting a wide range of technologies, from material science to respirator software. While at the USPTO, I successfully prosecuted over 70 patents to allowance, giving me a unique perspective on the patent application process.


Your IP Law Firm is here to advise you on a variety of US Trademark filing and prosecution matters. We can file your US trademark application today for as low as $300 (plus applicable USPTO filing fees). Secure your brand today.


US Copyright registration offers exceptional protection for your art and software that differs from trademark and patent protection. You can form a comprehensive IP protection system that covers all aspects of your creative work using copyright protection.

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